Phishing is a common technique for acquiring a user’s personal or account data. Scammers set up fake websites that resemble reputable business sites in order to get you to enter your account or personal information.


At first the site may look very legitimate (almost identical to official website) but they will always have a slightly different domain name/URL or even some spelling mistakes. So be aware before entering your information.


How do I identify and avoid phishing activity?

  • Every time you log into your account, we recommend double checking that you are visiting the correct URL, which you can find below which you should bookmark right away.

  • Check that the URL address starts with https://

  • Check the Site Certificate to see whether a website is safe to visit. If you are using Google Chrome, you can check the security status to the left of the web address (a green lock is an indicator that the website is secure). If you are using a different browser, please look how to view the Site Certificate in the settings of your browser.