After signup, you have to verify your identity to buy or sell digital currency and to use SEPA payments.

You will have to provide us with your personal information such as email address, photo of yourself, photo/scan government-issued ID (both sides) or passport (cover page and page with the foto) in order to pass KYC.

Don't worry it sounds more complicated that it is! 

All you have to do is simply log into TOKIA exchange using your account and go to settings (press on your email address in the top right corner and you will find settings Tab. You will find tab with Identity and simply add your personal info to given fields to complete first step of identification (country, zip code, phone number, name, surname, email address, city, date of birth). 

After completing first step you will be able to pass step 2(KYC). You can access it by pressing on "Limits. Upgrade" hyperlink in Verification level section. 

Upload your face photo (you can either upload your picture or make a video with your webcam), document front and back photos. Our Bot will check provided information. If you won't be verified then we will check it manually to ensure you will be eligible for using our exchange.

Please note: Your photo of the face has to match with the photo of your ID/Passport photo in order to pass.
There are some cases where you will still be required to provide extra documentation.